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MultiFamily Residential

Developing quality multi-unit residential housing properties is an integral component of the company’s asset base. With properties ranging from 65 residential units to +250 residential units, the company’s approach is consistent in its aim to produce quality living spaces for residents to proudly call their home. Through intentional site selection, design, quality control, and asset management, the company achieves annual occupancy averages of +98% across its multi-unit residential portfolio. Whether it’s our “Easy Living” platform that includes fully furnished turn-key units, or a spacious townhome style unit, our approach to understanding consumer behavior, wants, and needs are at the center of every development, business, and investment decision.

Master Plan Development

Royal Capital’s commitment to balanced communities and master plan developments in the urban core, includes the intentional investment into demand drivers that include both office and retail. From coffee shops and brew pubs, to incubator offices and fitness gyms, delivering quality experiences to the consumer is a critical component to the staying power of master plan developments. Royal Capital’s disciplined investment strategy caters to the total eco-system while understanding consumer behavior. Site, pedestrian ingress-egress, density, traffic patterns, and brand recognition are critically analyzed prior to investment. Additional preference is given to brands that contribute to healthy lifestyles in correlation with our Healthcare Strategies platform.

Healthcare Real Estate

In 2017, we launched our Healthcare Strategies platform which includes strategic investment in healthcare real estate and investments with healthcare related partners. In the inaugural year, RCG was successful in closing on the funding of $20 million that included +$5 million from United Healthcare in the development of a healthy-living residential housing campus in Madison, WI. Our Healthcare Strategies platform includes the strategic investment and development of Medical Office Buildings (MOB), outpatient clinical, and correlating healthy-living residential housing. In concert with the company’s efforts with Master Plan developments, we are committed to ensuring that healthcare real estate will continue to be a critical component of the company’s long-term investment strategy.