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Letter From the President.

At Royal Capital, having the opportunity to serve our communities in such an intimate and catalytic manner, is a privilege that we carry with high appreciation. From housing, retail, philanthropy, and community services, we are grateful for the opportunity to provide quality experiences that stretch beyond bricks and mortar. Our comprehensive approach to problem solving in the urban core, is not only a challenge we accept, but a responsibility we acknowledge.

With a disciplined strategy and intentional execution, our efforts have led to the development of quality sustainable communities, while achieving the double bottom line for our investors and partners. Aided by our company principals of candid, thoughtful, agile, the company has developed holistic real estate opportunities with a committed portfolio investment of over $140 Million and a significant pipeline of opportunities in various stages of the development cycle.

We are proud to be considered leaders in urban development, and we maintain our excitement to build, create, and be afforded the opportunity to “color outside the box”.

Thank you,

Experience & Leadership

Kevin Newell


Cory Nettles

Board Chair

Jeff Joerres

Board Member

Mark Eppli

Board Member

John Daniels

Board Member