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Taking Responsibility For Making Change.

“Since 2017, Royal Capital’s Healthcare Strategies platform has led on over $150MM of investment focused on healthy living campuses, with a goal to achieve $1B of investment deployed by 2025.”

In 2017, Royal Capital launched its Urban Healthcare Strategies platform which includes strategic investment in healthcare real estate campuses, and investments with healthcare related partners.

According to population health research, to achieve a balanced and healthy population, a focus on the social determinants of health (SDOH), and its impact, has become the focal point in healthcare leadership across the world.

Centered on, affordable quality housing, food access, quality education, public safety, economic opportunities, transportation etc., the hypothesis is that a person’s ability to be healthy largely rest in their ability to achieve success in these core areas. Many studies quantify the SDOH as a +70% driver in a person’s ability to be healthy, with the remaining 30% being represented by genetics, access to healthcare systems and practitioners, and personal behavior (smoke, drink, reckless driving etc.).

With a focus on Medical Office and Healthcare Destinations, Healthy-Living Residential campuses, and commissioned stakeholder engagement and studies, we strategically set out to partner with healthcare partners to achieve success in the areas of the SDOH.

In the inaugural year, Royal Capital was successful in closing on the funding of $20 million that included +$5 million from United Healthcare in the development of a healthy-living residential housing campus in Madison, WI. Since 2017, Royal Capital has led on +$150MM of investment focused on healthy living campuses, with a goal to achieve $1B of investment deployed by 2025.

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Thrive On King

Royal Capital announced the development of a $100MM Health and Equity Campus on King Drive in Milwaukee, in partnership with The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF).  With Royal Capital serving as Developer and Owner, the partnership branded as ThriveOn, is creating a cutting-edge place-based investment.

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