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Building A Better Future.

At Royal Capital, we value the opportunity for collaboration, development, and inspiration. Through our Venture + Tech platform, we advance at-risk capital in the form of equity for early-stage companies and startups.

Although operating as an opportunistic platform with a focus on capital returns, in 2021 Royal Capital laid out an intentional strategy to invest into companies that are led by black founders. As stated by Founder Kevin Newell, “Black leaders, like myself, have to take on the responsibility to lead if we are to expect others to participate in the effort of positive change in our community. With the historical disparities facing the black community in the form of education, wealth, health etc., a focus on the solutions to the problems is a responsibility that my team and I humbly acknowledge.”

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Eventnoire, a leading event ticking platform, received an early-stage investment from Royal Capital’s Venture+Tech team. In addition to recently being accepted into Tech Stars Chicago, the leadership at EventNoire was also the winner of a national competition hosted by Mountain Dew.

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